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2 years of Linux

Discussion in 'All things considered!' started by Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo, May 31, 2015.

  1. Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo

    Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo LINUX Member of Teh Teh Hero Member

    I have been using Linux for just over 2 years, and it has been an interesting adventure. I started out using Linux Mint, right away I found it quite nice, the software center had a lot of applications available, and the GUI was great, and easy to understand and use. Then I had a problem...I couldn't get wifi to work, trying for a couple days, I had a netgear USB wifi adapter, but Mint didn't recognize it, not knowing how linux worked yet, and using the terminal was a nightmare, almost gave up on linux altogether, but I was determined to make it work. Turned out there was a simple fix...use a Rosewill wifi USB receiver, Mint detected it immediately, and so internet worked now.

    Another problem arose, since I was a linux newb who had no clue what he was doing, I started doing things the Windows way, like downloading and installing display drivers from the brand website, big mistake. I had no idea you were supposed to find a PPA for a newer driver, and install it from the terminal, so linux would crash and burn whenever I installed drivers from an "exe" file. Gave up on Mint after this happened a few times. Tried Ubuntu, Kubuntu, ZorinOS, but found them all to be terribly unstable, and did NOT like having to reinstall the OS from scratch when a new version came out, and couldn't get the latest software updates until then either. Gave up on Ubuntu/Ubuntu derivatives.

    Almost gave up on Linux again until someone recommended Manjaro to me, so I though why not, I'll try it out. I had heard of Manjaro before, but since it was based on Arch Linux, I figured it was far too advanced for a stupid newbie like me. I was dead wrong, Manjaro was a dream come true, finally a version of Linux that worked exactly the way I always wanted, all software, drivers, and internal components get updated to the latest versions every couple weeks, it's a rolling distro so you never have to reinstall it, it's extremely easy to use, and looks beautiful, is very very stable, and secure, and has an amazing community behind it, and superb documentation. Also the ability to install multiple kernels. It has been 2 years, and I am still on Manjaro, and still love it.

    I understand Linux as a whole a LOT more now, I understand the ideas behind many distros, like Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, SUSE, Red Hat etc. I have a whole new level of understanding about how Linux works, whereas before, I couldn't even comprehend the basics. I owe a lot to linux about how operating systems work, I am not nearly as ignorant about what goes on behind the scenes. Getting to the point that I am right now with GNU/Linux takes some persistence, and being that I was a Windows user for 20 years, it was hard to get out of that Windows mentality. Now there are a lot of aspects of Linux that I like better than Windows, and now use Windows only for games that are windows only.
  2. Mike Krall

    Mike Krall Teh Hardcore Overseer of Teh Teh Founding Member Member of Teh

    Man I haven't used Linux since the early days when no one thought it had a chance in hell vrs Widnows. Glad you stuck through it and got it to work for you! How does it compare to Windows today?

    Is there a demo for Manjaro? Can you game on it? It sounds like no. I guess that's always been the major downfall to Linux.

    BTW, glad to see you back!
  3. Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo

    Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo LINUX Member of Teh Teh Hero Member

    I personally find it more user friendly than Windows. And you can very much game on it, Steam was intended to be used on Ubuntu and Mint, but the Manjaro guys put there own "Manjaro native" version in there repos. And the Manjaro repo is packed with crap loads of emulators as well, so if you like classic console gaming, Manjaro is the distro for you :)

    Thanks! good to be back!
  4. gummiraccoon

    gummiraccoon Teh-chnology Enthusiast Overseer of Teh Teh Founding Member Member of Teh

    Honestly, I don't even know what linux GUIs look like, one distro is basically the same to me, my desktop is still windows 7. But, anything I do that is useful is on my linux vms.
  5. Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo

    Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo LINUX Member of Teh Teh Hero Member

    It's grea that you can easily use linux without a GUI, linux is about choice after all :p

    And by the way, KDE5 has taken on a Windows 8 style.
  6. Mike Krall

    Mike Krall Teh Hardcore Overseer of Teh Teh Founding Member Member of Teh

    I'm going to have to find some time to try it out it sounds pretty sweet!

    Was actually thinking about building a new PC. My damn graphics card won't output to all 3 monitors anymore and can't really see the point of just buying a GPU. That would be a good time to seutp a dual boot system.
  7. Dracling

    Dracling Teh-minator Keeper of Teh Teh Founding Member Member of Teh

    I'm surprised that KDE now followed the Win8 style ... I was annoyed enough when Ubuntu went to Unity. If I want Win8 I'll just use Win8 (which I do).

    For me, I used Linux for ~5 years through university. And indeed, gaming on it even then was a breeze. I actually raided on WoW for a few years using wine. :) I'm back on Windows now for professional reasons. While Linux's answers to many applications are great, for professional-level office and statistics use, 100% compatibility with others' files is necessary. And in university I realized that one of the main reasons I used Linux was for synapse. Now that Windows has a superior solution, I realized that productivity would be higher back on MS, even if it's not as fun as using Linux was.

    And as Joey's story goes, oh the netgear wireless drivers ... That hell lasted for years. It's ridiculous that there's not full compatibility even now. I remember when Ubuntu was first launched, wireless drivers were the main thing that got bad press.
  8. Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo

    Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo LINUX Member of Teh Teh Hero Member

    Definitely worth checking out, it's the best Linux distro I have ever used.

    Manjaro also has easy access to the Arch User Repository, so I was even able to get a linux native version of Brutal Doom on Manjaro! lol.
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  9. Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo

    Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo LINUX Member of Teh Teh Hero Member

    It doesn't look bad at all though, I think it pulls off the flat look much better than Windows does, and even better than Mac does.

    The main thing holding back gaming on Manjaro for me though, is that I only use the open source display drivers, and while they have full OpenGL 3 support, they don't yet have OGL4 support, but that should be coming soon though, hopefully this year. I simply cannot stomach the closed AMD linux drivers, they are horrendously unstable, and buggy.

    Yeah, that sucked!

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