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Bought new 32" Curved monitor

Discussion in 'All things considered!' started by Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo, May 29, 2018.

  1. Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo

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    This one. It's a VA panel, and looks leagues better than my old TN panel. Black level is far deeper, color is more accurate, better viewing angles of course, it's 144Hz. Only nit picks is that the response times, while amazing when switching from one bright color to another (look the same as a TN, or even better), are quite slow during dark color transitioning, like 60 or 70ms. Nothing that ruins the gaming experience, but something to note. A little bit of backlight bleed, nothing big. And the input lag is under 5ms, and feels VERY fast and responsive!

    Overall, its an amazing looking monitor, has a rose gold cabinet, and a semi glossy screen.

    Is it just me, or do Samsung panels suck nowadays? I remember when they were the only monitors I'd go for.
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