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Doom Vulkan patch

Discussion in 'All things considered!' started by Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo

    Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo LINUX Member of Teh Teh Hero Member

    So I just got a chance to mess around with Doom after the Vulkan patch, and the results are nothing short of stunning.

    I experienced an increase in performance far higher than I could have possibly expected. In the most demanding scenes in Doom, my framerate went from 30-40fps to 60-70fps at the absolute highest possible settings it can go. Vulkan, and any other low-level API's are showing a LOT of promise. Sadly anyone who owns an nVidia graphics card will get pretty much no performance benefit.
  2. gummiraccoon

    gummiraccoon Teh-chnology Enthusiast Overseer of Teh Teh Founding Member Member of Teh

  3. Slackerzack

    Slackerzack Teh Newbie Member of Teh

    I got to mess around with the code a but earlier this week. Amazing performance gains onn certain cards to be sure. Still not my favorite game...but I like what I'm seeing on the code side!

  4. Mike Krall

    Mike Krall Teh Hardcore Overseer of Teh Teh Founding Member Member of Teh

    How is it over all? I honestly haven't even been paying attention to it.

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