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Morrowind overhaul!

Discussion in 'All things considered!' started by Gandalf, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Gandalf

    Gandalf a.k.a. MOLTOX Overseer of Teh Teh Founding Member Member of Teh

    For all the veterans who spent some serious time on this game when it first came out, you should check this mod for Morrowind! One word: amazing!

    It really brought the game back to life! Great graphics improvement and other tweaks...
    Absolutely made it palatable for today's standards.

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  2. Dracling

    Dracling Teh-minator Keeper of Teh Teh Founding Member Member of Teh

    Oh this looks super promising! I remember a friend of mine did this the old-school way a few years ago, which involved selected and installing dozens of mods that may or may not work together. It's great to see someone made it easier, as the process of getting it all configured is what stopped me from getting back into this (which is still on my top 3 games of all time list).

    One question though: What kind of system does it take to run this? Does modern graphics mean a modern rig is required?
  3. Mike Krall

    Mike Krall Teh Hardcore Overseer of Teh Teh Founding Member Member of Teh

    That looks great!

    I don't think I ever played that one though. Will have to check it out.

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